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Tonight Only special guest speaker Jarakae Jensen

New information on the TruAge Scanner

Trish Bain’s live conference call.

30 minutes of powerful training 8:00pm est 6:00 mst

Jarakae Jensen

JaraKae Jensen

Managing Director of Research & Development at Morinda

Call: 888-848-0190  pin: 5606907#










Morinda North America Training call with special guest Trish Bain, Double Diamond Pearl


Morinda North America Training call today

special guest Trish Bain, Double Diamond Pearl


Coach Trish Bain

Coach Trish Bain


Just wanted to remind you of the field call tonight. Wednesday 4/30/14 at 7:00PM-mst.

The number to dial is: 1-888-848-0247 and use pin 260957#





TruAge Scanner info from top Morinda Leader Trish Bain

Double Diamond Pearl IPC Trish Bain shares how the TruAge Scanner has impacted her business

Trish Bain

Trish Bain


My name is Trish Bain. I am proud to be one of the first owners of the TruAge Scanner.

The first time I learned about the TruAge Scanner was in Rome at the Morinda Vision Retreat. I immediately realized that this technology would validate our product beyond any shadow of a doubt, and prove once again that Morinda has the best products in the world.

As I said, I was one of the first people in the world to have a TruAge Scanner. Since the arrival of the TruAge Scanner it has been continuously used and has proved to be the best network marketing tool ever.

One of the things I love most about my TruAge Scanner is its ability to bring new interest into my organization. The TruAge Scanner is an absolute non-stop lead-generating magnet, because it does something no other machine does: it measures your AGE levels. Add to that the fact that we have human clinical studies that prove our product lowers your AGE levels by 24% in four weeks, and you have one magnificent conversation starter.

When I bring my TruAge Scanner to big events with many vendors, my table is always packed. Even while I am setting up the scanner, a line starts forming. The next thing you know, I am scanning people and educating them about the product and business opportunity. This is a message with universal appeal.

Other vendors in these events always seem to be mystified. They always come up to see what’s going on, and why I’m generating so much interest. It’s hard for them to believe that TruAge Max and the TruAge Scanner can start so much buzz. In fact, many times the fellow vendors join our team because they realize our amazing products are validated with human clinical studies and we have the best marketing machine ever seen. The facts speak for themselves. The TruAge Scanner turns a cold prospect into a warm prospect in 20 seconds flat.

I only want the best for my team, so I educate them and want them to have the best tools available. That’s why I want every person on my team to have the best lead magnet ever: the TruAge Scanner. Because some people are not fortunate enough to own one, our team finds a way for as many people as possible to own a TruAge Scanner, even if they have to share it.  We have some IPCs that share the scanner between nine people. Our team does not make excuses – we find solutions, and it has made all the difference in my business lately.

I encourage you with all my heart to go out and align yourselves with the strategy of Morinda. It is sound. It is exciting. TruAge is an unprecedented message with limitless opportunity.

I am so proud of my team, and I am so thrilled to be a certified TruAge Scanner technician. The TruAge Scanner has made, is making, and will always make a huge positive difference for my business.




EDITOR’S NOTE: Our thanks to Trish Bain for taking the time to write this wonderful endorsement of the TruAge Scanner. As you know, it’s still TruAge Scanner Week here at Morinda, and we’ve been sharing with you some impressive scanner statistics as well as some IPCs’ thoughts on the scanner. Needless to say, the TruAge Scanner has been a big success and is only gaining momentum.



10 things to love about Morinda that have nothing to do with noni

Morinda is a pretty special company. We love it! And here are some reasons why.

Morinda first opened its doors to the public in Summer, 1996. In the 18-going-on-19 years since, Morinda has been a part of a huge health revolution, a wave of humanitarian aid, the complete transformation of the economics of a nation, and much more.

Today we thought it would be fun to take a look at just 10 reasons why Morinda is a pretty special company. If you have more to add to the list, let us know in the comments section below this article!

1. Our founders are family men.

Morinda has been blessed with superior leadership. When it comes to the founders of our company, we have five incredible guys at the helm. Kerry Asay, Kim Asay, John Wadsworth, Stephen Story and Kelly Olsen are not only great partners and business men, they’re great family men. Between the five of them, they boast 186 years of marriage (an average of 37.2 years per founder), and they have a combined 36 kids, and 63 grandkids!

2. We’ve done a lot of good in Tahiti.

Our headquarters is in Provo, Utah, but our home and our hearts are in Tahiti. That’s where it all began. So we make sure to take care of Tahiti and its people however and whenever possible. When Morinda started in 1996, French Polynesia’s No. 1 export was black pearls. Today, because of Morinda, it’s noni fruit, and black pearls are a distant second. We have employed thousands of French Polynesians in the Marquesas Islands and the Island of Tahiti, creating new sources of income for countless families. We have completely changed, in a very positive way, the economy of an entire nation.

3. Morinda is a big part of the Provo community.

The Morinda headquarters in Provo is a magnificent building. It is striking, really, and the facilities are top-notch. But it’s not just for Morinda and its employees; The staff at Morinda routinely opens its doors to the Provo community. For example, Morinda happily invites local brides to take pictures in the stunning Morinda gardens, and it welcomes childrens performing groups from around the community take advantage of our auditorium and meeting space. Morinda regularly hosts blood drives and seminars, scout troops and singers. Everyone in the community is welcome at Morinda!

4. An international flare

US Morinda employees have something unique: Real world international experience. Of Morinda’s 316 employees in the United States, 71 are citizens of another country, 165 speak a second language, and 152 actually lived in another country. It’s that global perspective that makes Morinda such a unique company, and its employees such valuable assets.

5. Free noni on tap

Okay, so this reason has a little bit to do with noni. Tahitian Noni Juice, Morinda’s flagship product for over 17 years, isn’t just a product we sell. It’s in our veins… literally! You’ll find TNJ flowing in every break room in every office around the world for employees to grab their daily fix. In addition, Morinda gives every employee two free bottles of either Tahitian Noni Juice or TruAge Max every month for personal consumption. All totaled, Morinda gives away more than $100,000 worth of noni to its employees every year. Talk about dedication to the product!

6. Family-oriented parties and events

Morinda holds events every month, all over the world. They range from small business seminars to huge international conventions. We host parties, concerts, shows, receptions and more. And every one of our events is totally and 100% family-friendly. You’ll never find any alchohol at any of our corporate-sponsored events, including employee parties, and the content and entertainment are always appropriate for all audiences. In fact, Morinda’s employee parties are chock full of awesome activities just for kids.

7. Humanitarian kits at Pearl Retreat

Every year at one of our biggest training events, Pearl Retreat, we take time to do something a little different. We put down our notepads, we get out of our seats and get to work assembling humanitarian kits for the children of developing nations. We have assembled hundreds of thousands of hygiene kits and school kits for children in Africa, Central and South America, Polynesia and beyond. This has become one of our most popular traditions.

8. Executives climb their way up

There is plenty of opportunity at Morinda, and not just for our distributors worldwide. Morinda has shown tremendous loyalty to its employees over the years by promoting from within. Of its senior managers and executives, a whopping 90% worked their way up from entry-level positions.

9. Pres. of Morinda takes three years off to serve his church

We’ve already told you our founders are family men, but they are all men of faith as well. Each founder volunteers time and service for his church almost daily. In fact, John Wadsworth, one of the founders and the current president of Morinda, was asked by his church to give three years of full-time service, and he did so willingly. John walked away from Morinda, a growing, thriving company that required serious attention, to serve his church full-time. John’s partners, Kelly, Kerry, Kim and Stephen, encouraged John to answer the call to serve, and pitched in to make do without him for three years. John returned and resumed his leadership role at Morinda.

10. Encourages healthy, active lifestyle

One cool thing about Morinda: When we talk about exercise, eating right and living younger, longer, we practice what we preach. Every Morinda employee based in Utah is given access to a fully loaded on-site gym complete with free weights, machines and cardio equipment. Additionally, Morinda reimburses all of its employees for gym memberships, participation in community sports leagues and even races. As Morinda employees, we have every opportunity to live healthy and be active.

There you have it! Morinda really is a special and unique company. For more information, visit or give us a call at 1-800-445-2969.


















Trish Bain’s special guest today – Troy Livingstone “Visualizing your dreams”

Troy Livingstone “Visualizing your dreams”


Listen in on the 12:oopm live conference call.

(888) 848-0190

PIN # 5606907#



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