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Hawaii researchers test Noni to fight cancer

noni study

Posted: Feb 02, 2016 3:05 PM EST Updated: Feb 02, 2016 4:49 PM EST By Grace Lee

It’s Phase II for researchers at the University of Hawaii Cancer Center. They’re trying to determine if extract from the fruit noni can fight cancer in early-stage prostate patients.

“There has been such strong belief through generations of Native Hawaiians and Pacific Islanders that the noni fruit possesses healing properties. Past laboratory research found anti-cancer properties in noni extract,” said Jeffrey Huang, Pharm D., Principal Investigator and Assistant Specialist in the Clinical Sciences and Translational Research Program at the UH Cancer Center. “In our current Phase II study, we want to see if these properties will work in a specific type of cancer.”

In the initial Phase 1 clinical trial, Doctor Brian Issell determined the dosage of noni to give to advanced cancer patients. He says that it did not shrink the cancer, but some patients reported reduced pain and less fatigue when taking the extract. That same dosage will be now given to Phase II patients who have been diagnosed with low risk prostate cancer.

“In our initial study of noni fruit extract for patients with advanced cancer, we found no evidence that noni caused their cancer to melt away. However, we would now like to see if there is evidence that it could slow down cancer progression” said Dr. Brian Issell, researcher and former director of the UH Cancer Center who led the very first clinical trial of noni in cancer patients. “This new study will test to see if there is evidence that noni may prevent low risk prostate cancer patients from progressing to higher risk disease.”

Prostate cancer is the most common cancer among men in Hawaii. About 800 men are diagnosed with the disease and more than 100 die from it each year. There are more than 220,000 estimated new cases of the disease in 2015 according to the National Cancer Institute.

If you would like to find out how to participate in this clinical trial, look for more information at


Whole Food Blends

Whole Food Blends by TruAge



TruAge whole food blend

We’re getting excited here at Morinda, because our Whole Food Blends are going to be launched next month. We’ve been working on them for a long time, and we know you’ll absolutely love our four unique blends: green, orange, red and purple.


These blends mark the start of Morinda’s LTO program (which you can read all about in our Fall Campaign booklet). Every six months, we will be unveiling limited-time offers for new products. These products will only be available for a very short time initially before being released to the general public another six months down the road, so make sure you don’t hesitate!


The unique thing about doing this is that you and your organization can count on an influx of income every six months. We want to create a predictable environment for your business, so that you know you can earn extra cash as you and your organization spread excitement about a new product offering. Think of it as a reoccurring energy boost for your business!


So do your best to get others excited about Whole Food Blends! Since they will only be available for a limited time following their initial February launch, there is a great opportunity for you to generate incredible demand for our latest breakthrough products. Demand will be high, which means more income for you!


One note: for this first LTO, only qualified Area Developers and IPCs through their AD upline will be able to place orders during the LTO event in February 2016.


If you don’t want to wait until next summer to try our Whole Food Blends, stock up as soon as they are released! And make sure you publicize this to all that apply so that you can get bonus income. Who wouldn’t want that?


Beating 2014 | It’s easy when you work with the best

Trish Bain has also seen fantastic growth in her business during 2015.

Trish Bain

Her valuable advice is: “Both my team and I use our scanners daily. Not only that, but we have set locations where we scan routinely, which has helped.

Also, in the past year I have created an office where we hold presentations, trainings, and as a space to help my team build our businesses.”

In addition, Trish said, “I try to make myself available as a leader every day through supporting my downline, teaching and sharing techniques like giving a presentation, how to close, how to feel comfortable and confident in the field, and how to follow up with customers.”

Lastly and perhaps most importantly, Trish said, “You can’t do your business just once a month. If you’re only thinking about it once a month, you won’t be able to see the increase. I do my business every day and I have seen an increase.”

When asked about how Trish felt about her success and especially beating her 2014 earnings, she said, “Wow! I am so happy! When you’re out there every day, sometimes it is hard to see that type of growth, but knowing that I beat 2014, I feel really accomplished!”

Morinda is definitely happy for you too Trish! Good luck moving forward.

From Tahiti to Disneyland

Watch children from the SOS Children’s Village in Tahiti experience a magical day unlike any other.

SOS-Disneyland TruAge Max


The Morinda Life is about dreams coming true, and that’s not something that only applies to our distributors. Morinda recently had the opportunity to make dreams come true for a group of children from the SOS Children’s Village in Tahiti, and if you haven’t had the opportunity to see the video yet (or you even if you have), watching it will brighten your day.

Since 2007, Morinda has sponsored the SOS Children’s Village in Tahiti. This organization supports underprivileged children.

For ILC 2015, Morinda flew out a number of children and employees from the SOS Children’s Village in Tahiti to Los Angeles. The children, who had never been to America before, performed a musical number at the event, and Morinda was happy to present the Children’s Village with gifts and a donation for $41,808.27 (thanks in large part to generous IPC donations).

But that wasn’t all, because Morinda also sent the children to Disneyland for a day. Visiting “The Happiest Place on Earth” was the opportunity of a lifetime for these children who hail from an island thousands of miles away from the outside world. It was a day filled with rides, delicious food, parades and Disney mascots.

We hope it was truly an unforgettable day for these children, and may their – and your – dreams always come true!

Trish Bain (Heart of Morinda) Meeting at Crown Plaza Monday 7:15pm

trish bain

Trish Bain

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