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Trish Bain opens Orlando office for recruiting and training

Trish Bain’s new office is helping empower new business developers!

Trish Bain

Trish Bain’s introduction to Tahitian Noni Juice in 1998 set her on a path that has led to a great deal of success, and not just for her. Oh sure, she’s a Double Diamond Pearl who’s received the Morinda Executive Choice award, while becoming a member of the Tahiti Outrigger Club and North American President’s Council, but Trish has also developed Morinda leaders for more than 16 years.

She’s done this through various means, including hosting a weekly global conference calls that has taught valuable strategies to thousands, as well as holding a monthly training in Orlando, Florida. And, her development of the HOPE (Helping Other People Excel) program during the last eight years has equipped her team with the skill necessary to achieve greater business results.

In September, Trish took another innovative step by opening a team developer office in Orlando. This training and recruiting center allows visitors to see how real Morinda’s opportunities for family health and financial opportunity actually are, and serves as the hub for new business developers to thrive as they work on achieving wealth.


trish bain team

The office opening was celebrated with a ribbon-cutting ceremony that was attended by Morinda founder and Chief Marketing Officer Kelly Olsen, Vice President of Marketing Shon Whitney, and local business leaders from the Orlando Regional Chamber of Commerce.

There’s no doubt that for years to come, this office will equip new business leaders with what they need to achieve success with Morinda and the TruAge system. Way to go Trish and everyone else involved in this momentous achievement!





Two new enhancements to the AD Program

One of the most exciting programs in the history of our company keeps getting better! 

When Morinda announced the Area Developer Program, our IPCs around the world scrambled to be the first to qualify. The AD Program has resulted in unprecedented growth and excitement as our partners have identified the unmatched and downright outrageous opportunity associated with earning the title of AD.

Today it is our great pleasure to announce two all-new enhancements to the AD Program that will give you even more incentive to qualify.

1. AREA DEVELOPER QUALIFICATION EXTENSION: So many people are moving heaven and earth to qualify for AD and Executive AD, and so we decided to give you a little more breathing room. Effective immediately, all you need to do is qualify once as a level one Area Developer before February 28, 2015. Do that, and you’ll get an extension of up to August 31, 2015 (or November 30, 2015 for EADs). Visit our Training page on for the complete details of this new extension enhancement.

2. 2015 TITLE BONUS: If you achieve full AD by April 30, 2015, or EAD status no later than May 31, 2015, then you may qualify to receive a second $5,000 or $25,000 AD Bonus by maintaining your qualifcation four times for AD and six times for EAD from June 1, 2015, to December 31, 2015.

More time and more money. Pretty awesome enhancements to an already very awesome program. What do you think? Tell us how you plan to become an Area Developer in the comments below!




Trish Bain Live Call / Heart and Lung Testimonials

 Heart and Lung Testimonials

emphysema in pulmonary fibrosis

Marilyn Ammeson,Nancy Delong, Jack midland,

Marilyn Williams, Arnie Ross, Dr.Don

8:00pm Sunday 11/02/2014

(888)848-0190    Pin# 5606907#

Hosted By: Trish Bain

A.G.E. Foundation spreading awareness


Find out what AGE-related news has been posted recently on the AGE Foundation’s website

A.G.E. Foundation

AGE Awareness Day may have happened last June 21, but that doesn’t mean it’s okay to forget all about advanced glycation end-products (AGEs) until next June 21! Glycation is an important health issue that is gaining more and more recognition, and the AGE Foundation is doing its part to increase awareness.

You can keep tabs on the AGE Foundation by visiting its website, and by following its Twitter account and Facebook page.

If you haven’t been following the AGE Foundation lately, here are some of things you’ve missed:

Skin Inc. highlights the relationship between AGEs and skin quality
A publication for the professional skin care industry, Skin Inc. recently addressed AGEs in multiple articles.

The first article (“Clients With Tired, Puffy Eyes? Top Tips to More Youthful Eye Contours!”) urged skin care facility owners and managers to help clients reduce the amount of AGEs in their diets in order to reduce inflammation and thus improve the quality of their skin.

The next article (“What Does ‘Antiglycation’ Mean?”) explained the connection between glycation and a variety of skin disorders, and suggested that skin care professionals should have a working knowledge about glycation, in addition to discussing their clients’ lifestyles with them.

Lower AGEs to look and feel younger, media says
Gathering articles from the United States, United Kingdom, Canada and South Africa, the AGE Foundation demonstrated how widespread and prevalent AGE awareness is.

Several of these articles addressed how lowering AGEs can help one look younger, while another article stated that limiting AGE intake can help ease joint pain from osteoarthritis.

Australian website says avoiding AGEs helpful in fight to stay youthful
In its article “How to stay youthful, inside and out,” Australian women’s news and lifestyle website Daily Life said that boosting our health on the inside can improve how we look on the outside.

One method the article gave for boosting one’s health and having younger-looking skin is to reduce the AGEs in our diet. That includes cutting back on food that is baked, fried, toasted or high in animal fat, among other things. As an alternative, the article recommended a Mediterranean- or Japanese-style diet.

AGEs may be responsible for causing peanut allergies
AGEs have been linked to a large variety of health issues, and now it appears that they may even be responsible for some food allergies, according to an article titled “Browned off” that appeared in The Economist.

The article was written about an Oxford University study in which mice were found to be more likely to develop a peanut allergy in response to dry-roasted nuts than in response to raw ones.

While the West and East Asia usually have similar food allergy statistics, peanut allergies are much more common in the West. The study claimed that this may be because dry roasting is much more common in the West than in East Asia. Dry roasting creates AGEs, and Oxford University researchers believe those AGEs can trigger peanut allergies.

Scientists confirm high-AGE diets lead to health problems
Scientists in Belgium conducted a review and confirmed that AGEs contribute to various health issues, according to a Food Consumer article (“Advanced glycation end products linked to chronic inflammation”).

The online food, diet and health news outlet noted that some of the health issues attributed to a high-AGE diet are chronic low-grade inflammation, as well as the increase of aging-related diseases like muscle wasting, kidney disease and diabetes mellitus. However, the article also noted that limiting the intake of AGEs may decrease inflammation and chronic diseases related to inflammatory status.






A.G.E. Therapy Gel Rakes in Expansive Media Coverage

TruAge Skin AGE Therapy Gel is the buzz in the media 


Praises for TruAge Skin AGE Therapy Gel continue to grow as more and more people are learning about and experiencing the benefits of this revolutionary product. Health and Beauty blogs and websites, Skin Care magazines and more have featured AGE Therapy Gel and are touting its amazing results.

Media outlets to highlight AGE Therapy gel include, Direct Selling News,,, and Dermascope Magazine.

Additionally, a few popular health and beauty bloggers have featured AGE Therapy Gel after completing their own personal trials of the product.

Popular Health and Beauty Bloggers Personally Experience and Endorse AGE Therapy Gel

Spontaneous Chick, a health and beauty blog out of New York City, presented AGE Therapy Gel as a skin care product of choice after experiencing its benefits for herself. After using the gel for a total of eight weeks, Aleya, the blogger, said it made a huge difference in her skin, making it look more hydrated, healthy and refreshed – as if she had taken a long and much needed vacation.

Pammy Blogs Beauty, another popular blog, featured its second article about AGE Therapy Gel; giving it rave reviews after concluding a six-week trial of the product. The blogger, Pammy, said the continued use of the AGE Therapy Gel has increased her skin’s overall hydration, smoothed fine lines, improved tone, and generally improved the appearance of her skin.

Article Containing TruAge Message Picked Up By Over 1,000 Online Outlets

An article sponsored by Morinda, “Combat signs of aging with simple beauty-routine updates”, has been picked up by over 1,000 online media outlets. Coverage of the article has appeared in large outlets such as the San Francisco Chronicle, Houston Chronicle and the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel.

The article explains how to defy AGEs by avoiding excess sugar in your diet and how adding AGE Therapy Gel to your daily skin care routine can fight AGE formation in your skin, therefore, fight skin aging.

The buzz surrounding Morinda’s newest product continues to grow and it looks like TruAge Skin AGE Therapy Gel is proving to be the ground-breaking product it set out to be!







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